Tesla to recall 11000 Model X SUVs due to seat issue (TSLA)

Tesla to recall 11000 Model X SUVs due to seat issue (TSLA)

To date, the company has informed Manufacturers' Monthly that there are no accidents or issues related to this condition and they have issued the voluntary recall letter to potentially affected Australian customers' vehicles today to confirm if any adjustments were needed. Tesla Model X owners can take their vehicle to a dealer for repairs or reach out to Tesla's mobile fix units. After bottleneck issues slowed down the production of the Tesla Model 3, Elon Musk revealed the company would be delaying the launch of its electric lorry.

"We can address 100 per cent of these repairs via mobile service, and customers will have the choice to do that or to bring their vehicle into a Service Centre".

In the meantime, Tesla has advised owners against having two adults sitting in the middle and left rear seats at the same time. The problem, which was discovered in internal testing, involves incorrectly adjusted seat cables. This is why company started to recall tools. Customers can choose to use the mobile service or to visit a service center, but either way, no new parts are necessary.

The company recalled 90,000 Model S sedans worldwide in 2015 over a possible defect in the front seat belt assembly and a year earlier had recalled 29,222 of the same model over a charging defect that posed a fire hazard. We will be contacting you soon to schedule this according to your preference.

The fold-flat row seats were made between 28 October 2016, and 16 August 2017. Model X has received the highest rating in every category and subcategory in independent safety tests conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and we continue to conduct our own internal testing to ensure that Model X remains the safest SUV in the world.

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