Chinese women detained at South Korean airport after plastic surgery

Chinese women detained at South Korean airport after plastic surgery

When it comes to passport control, it's usually alright.

Three Chinese women were stranded in South Korea after they were barred from boarding a flight back home due to a plastic surgery that rendered their faces unrecognizable.

Post-surgery swelling and bandages put the three women in a hard situation during passport control, when South Korean officers could not identify the women by their IDs. According to Shanghaiist, the women were not allowed to take their return flight, and were instead held for questioning by the airport authorities.

One onlooker, Chinese TV presenter Jian Huahua, posted a photo of the women to her Weibo social media account and joked that even their mothers would be unable to recognise them.

Three women reportedly flew to South Korea over the Golden Week holiday, from China to get under the knife for better facial features, however when they got done with the procedure and wanted to go back home, the airport security detained them.

In pictures of the three women shared online, they were seen sitting at a South Korea airport, with their passports in hand, and their faces appeared to be swollen, wrapped up in bandages. Almost half of women in Seoul under the age of 30 are estimated to use plastic surgeries to enhance their facial features.

South Korea is known for these plastic surgeries that make women look more "western".

South Korea is a popular destination for medical tourism and more than 500,000 Chinese residents are reported to travel overseas for plastic surgery each year.

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