White House on Tillerson: 'The president can't undercut his own Cabinet'

White House on Tillerson: 'The president can't undercut his own Cabinet'

Her defense of the president came in response to a question about Republican Senator Bob Corker's assertion that Trump's chief of staff and secretaries of state and defense "help separate our country from chaos".

"We're never going to say in advance what the president's going to do, and as he said last night, in addition to those comments, you'll have to wait and see", she said.

Cotton met Trump at the White House on Thursday to make his case, and the president was expected to meet military leaders later in the day. "We're going to continue doing that as a team with the president leading that effort".

If you're wondering whether President Donald Trump's long history of misconduct with women, most notable his boast about serial sexual assault, had anything to do with Sanders's silence, perhaps it would be instructive to look back at how the allegedly God-fearing flack reacted to that revelation at the time.

On Thursday evening, reporters were led hastily to the State Dining Room, where they walked into a scene of the president, his highest-ranking military advisers and their wives posing for a group photo. I have also talked about the fact that we're continuing to put maximum diplomatic pressure on countries like North Korea.

"It could be, The calm, the calm before the storm", Trump said. "If he feels that action is necessary, he'll take it".

Finally, when asked again, Sanders seemed to buck Trump's originally tweet and erred on the side of not endorsing Congress to investigate the American media-a move that could stretch the boundaries of the First Amendment.

A couple of minutes later, CNN political analyst April Ryan used the presidential remark to ask Sanders if this means the White House has "exhausted diplomacy".

Still, news outlets have run stories since then claiming that Trump and Tillerson have clashed over staff and policy on Iran and North Korea and that their relationship has been damaged beyond fix.

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