After Botched Visit, Trump Suggests Cutting Puerto Rico's Debt

After Botched Visit, Trump Suggests Cutting Puerto Rico's Debt

President Trump visited Puerto Rico on Tuesday, almost two weeks after Hurricane Maria made landfall, and Stephen Colbert was ready and waiting to do an official play-by-play.

During Trump's visit to the USA territory on Tuesday, the mayor and president shook hands.

POTUS also addressed the devastation the hurricane caused - to him, telling residents, "I hate to tell you Puerto Rico, but you've thrown our budget a little out of whack".

Trump drew worldwide criticism after visiting the island and saying that relief efforts have "thrown our budget a little out of whack", and that the damage wrought by Hurricane Maria didn't compare to a "real catastrophe like Katrina".

In a television interview with Al Punto Univision, Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz wore a T-shirt with the word "NASTY" emblazoned on the front.

In the days after the storm, Trump faced criticism for a sluggish response in Puerto Rico compared to the recent storms that smashed the states of Texas and Florida.

Cruz denounced the federal government for its sluggish relief efforts and begged for additional aid.

FEMA abruptly removed statistics from its website indicating half of Puerto Ricans had access to drinking water and 5 percent had electricity less than a day after posting the metrics.

Sara Haines said that she wants to see a president show up and "do a lot of hugging" during times of crisis and difficulty.

Meanwhile, a poll released by The Associated Press-NORC Wednesday found that just 32 per cent approve of how Trump is handling disaster relief in the USA territory, while 49 per cent disapprove. "You don't need them anymore!" Because we've spent a lot of money on Puerto Rico.

She also took particular issue with the "terrible" and "abominable" images of Trump throwing rolls of paper towels into a crowd of people during the visit.

She said she hoped new channels of communication with the White House "put in motion what is needed" to save lives.

"Everyone around this table and everybody watching can really be very proud of what's been taking place in Puerto Rico".

After Trump complained about some of the "Fake" news reaction to his visit this morning, Goldberg called him out with a message straight to the camera. Sixty-five percent of grocery stores are now in operation and less than one-fifth of Puerto Rico's cellular towers are working.

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