Google launches Google Home Min and Max

Google launches Google Home Min and Max

Google also introduced a speaker with the list of products announced.

And there's a good reason for that! The company claims to have prioritized bass output with the Max, and it further claims the Max can self-tune its output using Google AI technology to match the acoustics of any room in the home. In return, you get a much smaller body and a presumably smaller price tag.

Regardless, it's clear Google is taking its place in the smart speaker market seriously.

It is a direct shot at Amazon's Echo Dot. It won't even make fun of you for listening to "Drops of Jupiter" by Train or anything. Like the Echo Dot, the Google Home Mini can receive input through Google Cast or Bluetooth.

The Google Home Mini is covered in fabric, just like the original Google Home smart speaker.

Google has just announced its Google Home Max. But the Max speaker will work with a wider range of music-streaming services than the HomePod, which is created to be a companion to Apple Music.

Home Max is shipping in December in the USA, with a retail price of $399, and a release in more markets coming next year. It will be coming in two colour variants - Chalk and Charcoal, priced at $399.

Google also unveiled its Google Home Max, the larger version of the Home.

What colors will it be available in?

That big ticket does include a 12-month subscription for Youtube Red, which would otherwise cost $120.

We should have in mind that Google Home already had phone call functionality.

Amazon, on the other hand, rolled out phone call integration for Amazon Alexa-supported devices, including support for using your own phone number in these devices.

The Home Max will roll out to other territories including the United Kingdom next year. But, like most really useful things, it's quite simple. "If I will say 'Play my favorites", Home will be able to recognize my voice and it will play my favorite songs rather than my sister's songs. The phones are available for pre-order now starting at $649 Dollars. Google Home was the company's first stab at an Amazon Echo competitor-a smart home speaker imbued with a digital assistant.

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