Law amended to elect a certain person as party president: Khurshid Shah

Law amended to elect a certain person as party president: Khurshid Shah

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif left an anti-corruption court Monday without being indicted after his children, who are co-defendants in the case, failed to appear.

The National Assembly on Monday passed the Elections Bill 2017, paving way for former prime minister Nawaz Sharif to regain chairmanship of the ruling party.

The only candidate in election with participation of PML-N delegates at Congress Center in Islamabad in capital was elected president of party.

He said the Supreme Court of Pakistan is the custodian of sanctity and dignity of law in the country.

As per the bill, it allows politicians disqualified from holding public office to head a political party.

Hundreds of members of the PML-N general council, including ministers and lawmakers, attended the meeting at Islamabad's Convention Centre that elected the party chief.

The court said cases should be opened against Sharif, his daughter Maryam, her husband Captain Muhammad Safdar, and Sharif's sons, Hassan and Hussain Nawaz.

The country's election commission will formally announce Sharif as the party president later. A disqualified person could not hold office of a party, under The Representation of Peoples Act 1976.

The new law will allow a disqualified legislator to acquire the position of the head of a political party.

The move is being deemed as part of the ruling party's endeavour to restore deposed premier as PML-N president after getting the Election Bill 2017 approved from National Assembly.

Hours later, Pakistan's parliament amended a law to enable Sharif to re-take PML-N leadership.

He had to vacate his party president post after he was accused of graft.

The bill had already been passed by the NA and the Senate - the upper house of the Parliament - but was returned to the lower house for fresh votes on the Senate's amendments.

In an indirect attack on the judiciary, Sharif said PML-N members knew the reasons behind his disqualification. However, he will not be eligible to become the prime minister. They also content that the law is against the spirit of the Constitution.

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