Apple is slipping after disappointing reviews of the new Apple Watch (AAPL)

Apple is slipping after disappointing reviews of the new Apple Watch (AAPL)

Wednesday morning technology writers began to publish reviews of the Apple Watch Series 3. Sure, there was hope Apple figured out the magical mix of software and hardware for the Apple Watch Series 3 to excel where others failed. With a cellular or Wi-Fi connection, it can make/take calls, activate Siri, send texts and connect to the internet without pairing with an iPhone, as previous variants were required to.

We have discovered that when Apple Watch Series 3 joins unauthenticated Wi-Fi networks without connectivity, it may at times prevent the watch from using cellular.

The issue described in The Verge's review would seem to be avoidable if Apple Watch users could turn off Wi-Fi as one could on an iPhone, but the device doesn't have that option.

The headlining feature of the Series 3 watch is LTE connectivity, and it doesn't work as it should - or in some cases, at all.

Apple Watch Series 3 is a game-changer compared to the last year's model.

The iPhone X was one of three new iPhone models unveiled at the first event at Apple's new "spaceship" campus. Soon, users will be able to stream Apple Music from the device.

Long-time Apple watcher and blogger John Gruber said he couldn't understand why Apple would choose the bright red color, which doesn't match even some of the colors of watch bands Apple itself sells. I don't get it. I would much prefer this watch if it were black. And BuzzFeed's Nicole Nguyen placed calls on the watch from San Francisco Bay, while also pointing out battery life is a bit of a letdown. If you use Global Positioning System on your new Apple Watch or the headline feature - making calls - the battery takes a real hit.

"Audio quality for phone calls on the watch is very good", Gruber wrote.

No word yet on how soon that fix is coming, and it's not the only black eye Apple is dealing with after rolling out its new software. "People won't know you're calling them from your watch if you don't tell them". In fact, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon offer service packages dedicated to Apple Watch Series 3. "The new cellular feature is great for leaving your phone behind during workouts (then taking an Uber back or stopping at Whole Foods for a refueling snack)".

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