Terror probe after knife attacker targets soldier in Paris

Terror probe after knife attacker targets soldier in Paris

Police said that the soldier was on patrol at Châtelet underground station when a man came up behind him and tried to slit his throat.

PARIS-A knife-wielding man attacked a soldier in the French capital on Friday before being detained, police said, in a case prosecutors are treating as an act of terrorism. The individual was not known to police, " added anor police source.

The suspect, said to be shouting Islamic State slogans, attacked a French soldier carrying out anti-terrorism duties in the French captial this morning. In January 2015, Islamist gunmen had stormed into the offices of satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, killing 12 journalists.

This incident represents the seventh attack against soldiers patrolling as part of Operation Sentinel.

"This new attack legitimizes what we want to do", French Defense Minister Florence Parly told Europe 1. We don't know more about intentions of attacker, who has been arrested. Police later said on Twitter that the attacker had been "neutralized" and taken to hospital.

The soldier was unhurt in the incident.

Further noting that the soldier who was targeted by the assailant, was a member of Operation Sentinel, a task force that has been assigned to protect prominent sites in the region. No one else was attacked or injured.

In April, a 39-year-old police officer was shot dead by an Isis supporter on the Champs Elysee, while in February another knife attacker was gunned.

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