Former Indiana Player Camion D. Patrick Charged With Criminal Homicide

Former Indiana Player Camion D. Patrick Charged With Criminal Homicide

A star of the Netflix Original Series, "Last Chance U", Wright was a popular figure in the first two seasons of the show. According to Alcoa Police in Tennessee, Wright is charged with criminal homicide July death of 18-year-old Caleb Thomas Radford.

Wright, a running back, earned a scholarship offer from Auburn but went to East Mississippi, where Patrick also played, which is the school used for the Last Chance U series.

In 2015, Patrick sat out the entire season due to academic ineligibility, and then suffered a torn ACL in the following offseason. After leaving the school, to play for West Georgia but is no longer enrolled at the school.

Wright's 2016 season at EMCC was a major storyline on "Last Chance U".

East Mississippi Community College - the school dubbed Last Chance U - has turned around the troubled lives of many athletes, sending them to the National Football League or Division I programs.

Two other men were charged with criminal homicide on August 3 in connection with Radford's death.

Currently, Patrick is being held at the Monroe County Correctional Center in Bloomington, Ind., and Wright is being held at the Blount County Justice Center in Maryville, Tenn. Patrick was arrested in Bloomington, Indiana by IU campus police and will be extradited to Blount County soon, while his younger brother Wright was taken into custody in nearby Harriman. That incident occurred just one day after IN awarded Patrick a medical hardship waiver to allow him to remain on scholarship at the school (his eligibility as a collegiate athlete, however, had already been exhausted).

Netflix announced the series would not return to EMCC following the second season of filming. He remained in custody in IN on Thursday, pending his extradition to Blount County. Independence Community College will now be featured in season three of the documentary. There is no information yet on an extradition hearing or date.

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