Baseball 'can benefit from LA 2028 Games decision'

Baseball 'can benefit from LA 2028 Games decision'

The California metropolis will receive roughly United States dollars 100 million more than Paris 2024 in International Olympic Committee funding for 2028, and will also benefit from a USD 180 million interest-free advance which means the city can begin to create a sporting legacy well before the Games take place in 11 years time.

The compromise sees both cities join London as three-time hosts of the summer Games, with Paris getting its wish to go first and celebrate the 100th anniversary of its last Olympics in 1924. Past year at this time the field included four cities: Los Angeles, Paris, Budapest and Rome.

The successful bid will be announced an unprecedented 11 years before the actual Olympics are to take place. The IOC chose to award two games at the same time in a history-making vote, putting the rubber stamp on the pre-determined conclusion. The unprecedented deal for host the 2028 Olympics and Paris to host the 2024 Games was struck back in July.

Meanwhile, David Wharton of the Los Angeles Times reported L.A. could be in line to save "tens of millions" after striking a deal with the International Olympic Committee to wait an additional four years for hosting duties.

And Eric Garcetti, the Mayor of Los Angeles, added: "Bringing the Olympics back home to LA gives us the chance to imagine what our city will look like a decade from now". The $5.3 billion balanced budget for '24 included no money to be spent from the city's general fund as organizers believe they could cover all costs from corporate sponsorships, ticket sales, broadcast rights and the IOC's contribution.

Los Angeles' plans include the use of the UCLA campus for the Olympic Village and will leverage all existing or temporary venues and infrastructure.

"I think it had an incredible impact on the city, both physically and emotionally", Wasserman, who was 10 years old for those Games, told USA TODAY Sports in May. L.A. loves the Olympics because the Games have lifted up our city twice before. Numerous plans for 2028 are the same as they would have been if they were awarded for 2024. It bid unsuccessfully for the games of 1992, 2008 and 2012.

In January 2015, the USOC initially selected Boston as the U.S.'s candidate.

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