Apple introduces Apple TV 4K

Apple introduces Apple TV 4K

With prices of Rs 15,900 for 32GB and Rs 17,900 for 64GB, Apple TV 4K would deliver sharp, crisp images, richer, more true-to-life colour and greater detail in both dark and bright scenes, the company said in a statement.

Following on from its successful rollout in the U.S., the Apple TV App will soon be available in the UK. The new model supports HDR video, too. But unfortunately, the HDMI ports of many televisions do not support an HDR signal.

Streaming boxes had a much more obvious place back in the days of Full HD, non-smart TVs. Neither format is necessarily superior, but they're still distinct, with different levels of support from different studios, services, and TV manufacturers.

Apple now seems keen on updating all of its various software OSes - macOS, iOS, tvOS - at the same time, and again WWDC in the summer is the event to look out for. As an added bonus, any HD content that was previously purchased by the customer will get an automatic upgrade to the 4K HDR version at no extra cost.

Despite speculation, loudly missing was Apple's own content.

Years after being beat to the punch by Amazon, Google, Roku, and literally every other company that makes a streaming TV box, Apple is finally releasing the Apple TV 4K. The company has confirmed it will not be charging any more for content in 4K and HDR.

Power is hard to measure for media streamers. That, and a bump up to 3GB of RAM, should easily handle 4K HDR footage.

At the heart of the Apple TV is an A10X fusion chip, the same as the iPad Pro.

What are the new features?

Though, since the Chromecast Ultra relies on your smartphone or tablet for navigation, its interface responsiveness depends entirely on what device you use it with.

Apple's last update to the Apple TV line was two years ago. Whether you're watching it on the latest OLED 4K set or an older 1080p set, the new Apple TV promises to transform the home theatre experience when it launches later this month.

Apple's voice assistant is incredibly powerful, with reach that goes far beyond picking what to watch.

This is where Apple undeniably falls behind the competition. And everything's been upgraded to 4K HDR, including the iTunes movies you've already bought-your existing stuff will just appear. The price? Well, you will be able to get Apple TV 4K on September 22nd for $179. However, the feature can be turned off if you'd prefer not to know.

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