Iranian Drone Comes Close to US Fighter Jet, Jet Takes Evasive Action

Iranian Drone Comes Close to US Fighter Jet, Jet Takes Evasive Action

A U.S. Navy F/A-18E Super Hornet had an "unsafe and unprofessional" encounter with an Iranian QOM-1 unmanned aerial vehicle over worldwide waters on August 8, according to a spokesperson for U.S. Naval Forces Central Command.

Interactions with Iranian aircraft and vessels are not uncommon in the Persian Gulf region, and Tuesday's incident was the 13th unsafe or unprofessional interaction between American and Iranian forces this year, according to the statement. The drone got within 100 feet below the USA aircraft and 200 feet to the side, according to the reports.

The Navy official also indicated this incident marked "the 13th unsafe and/or unprofessional interaction between USA and Iranian maritime forces" so far this year.

The drone came within 100 feet below the aircraft and 200 feet to the side of the aircraft.

At the time of the incident, the jet had been in a holding pattern and was planning to land on the carrier, the statement said.

An Iranian drone comes within 100 feet of of a US fighter jet in the Persian gulf, prompting the jet to take necessary action to avoid collision.

A Navy helicopter was launched from the Truman in response and it determined that the Iranian drone was not armed.

After Navy personnel used an emergency radio frequency to warn the Iranian drone operators to cease their activity, the unmanned aircraft eventually backed off. Officials characterized the drone encounter as an "unsafe and unprofessional" provocation. Officials, cited by CNN, described the UAV's movements as unsafe. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps ship came at the USS Thunderbolt at high speeds.

That incident occurred after a number of other close encounters between United States ships and Iranian vessels in the Gulf in recent months.

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