M Venkaiah Naidu Is The New Vice President Of India

M Venkaiah Naidu Is The New Vice President Of India

While Venkaiah got 516 votes, his opponent Gopalkrishna pooled only 244 votes in his favour. Of the total 771 votes polled, 11 were found to be invalid.

Voting for the vice presidential election 2017 ended earlier with 98.21% of members of Parliament exercising their franchise.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah met Naidu to congratulate him.

In fact, such was the zeal among the Venkaiah Naidu, who is also a member of Rajya Sabha, that he left his house around 9.30 am and cast a vote at around 10 am.

He came to the spotlight for his role in "Jai Andhra" movement of 1972 and became the convenor of the anti-corruption Jayaprakash Chhatra Samiti in 1974.

Naidu yet again kicked up a political storm when he said seeking loan waivers had become a "fashion".

Naidu said that it would be his "endeavor to facilitate" proper conduct in the Rajya Sabha so that every MPs could contribute his or her best towards the creation of a "new India".

Venkaiah Naidu is a veteran politician and has friends in most major political parties-perhaps, that's why he was chosen to contest the elections. In such a way, giving our dignity to the Rajya Sabha will be our biggest challenge.

"We had calculated that we would get 490 votes, which is also above the quota (majority mark) of 381 votes, but this is unprecedented", said a senior general secretary of the BJP. The Vice President is also the chairperson of the Rajya Sabha.

Born in a farmer's family in Chavatapalem, Andra Pradesh in 1949, Naidu is a graduate in law.

His skills made the most of him and he fought his first election to victory from Udayagiri constituency in the 1978 Andhra Pradesh assembly election.

Mukherjee in a tweet posted an official statement congratulating Naidu for his win and blessed him for the same. But the miscalculations made the task even easier for the ruling party and now, with its leaders getting planted in top posts, the BJP has the launching pad to extend its influence over the country's future for a considerable period ahead.

After being elected as the Vice President, Naidu said he promised to uphold the Constitution and the high standards. As Rural Development Minister, Naidu was launched the popular "Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana".

He was however elected to the Rajya Sabha three times from Karnataka and now represents Rajasthan in the Upper House of Parliament.

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