Fans predict how Donna from Kevin Can Wait will die

Fans predict how Donna from Kevin Can Wait will die

Now comes another shocker: Hayes' character, Donna, will be killed off! Known for clashing with the show's producers, Remini was sacked from the show after one season.

In the season finale, James' retired cop character returned to the force to work an undercover case with his former partner, Vanessa Cellucci, played by Remini.

Hello and goodbye to a wife for Kevin James.

CBS senior executive VP Thom Sherman said: "Obviously, the chemistry between Kevin and Leah was awesome in the stunt episode (s) we did at the end of last season, and we decided we want to continue that".

- "Kevin Can Wait" is joining the ranks of "This Is Us" when it comes to mysterious deaths. "When everyone collectively saw how Kevin and Leah worked together in the last few episodes there was an undeniable spark there".

But an analysis from TV by the Numbers stated that Leah Remini's guest appearances in Season 1 didn't pull the show's ratings up in a big way.

Regarding speculation that the show is essentially turning into The King of Queens, Sherman said, "No, I don't think so".

Last year CBS debuted a new series starring Kevin James as a gentle-if a little dumb-schlub who's just trying to relax on Long Island with his family.

"Kevin Can Wait" Season 2 will soon reveal that Donna Gable (Erinn Hayes) has died.

After some behind-the-scenes controversy surrounding CBS' sitcom "Kevin Can Wait", fans now have their first idea at what the show will look like going forward. "Genuine, I've been given up from the show", she composed on Twitter at the time. But the network insisted the show will not be a redux of "King of Queens". All that is known now is what was revealed at the end of Season 1.

Nine or 10 months will have passed when Season 2 premieres, giving James' character and their on-screen children time to grieve and move on.

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