Pokemon Go Fest attendees are filing a class-action lawsuit against Niantic

Pokemon Go Fest attendees are filing a class-action lawsuit against Niantic

The game, which has encouraged hundreds of thousands of players to get up and go outside in the past, also attracts players beyond your average gamer. Disgruntled attendees, who couldn't access special premiums they'd been promised, even heckled the CEO of creator Niantic Labs when he took the stage to speak. Held in Chicago, the event was created to be a celebration of the game and its community on its one-year anniversary, but severe technical issues including overloaded servers and cellular network congestion left players unable to login and participate.

Unfortunately this was not enough for some as almost two dozen Pokemon GO gamers have since filed lawsuits against Niantic, seeking travel reimbursement for the event that some gamers travelled from out of town for. The Pokemon GO Fest, as it was called, was not free of hassles. "We're not seeking any relief with respect to the failure to get legendary Pokémon, because Niantic is offering that".

Niantic did not hesitate much to uncover its goodwill and understanding the gravity of the situation, offered refunds of entry tickets, each valued at $100.

Thomas Zimmerman, the attorney organizing the case, was first contacted by a man from California who travelled to Chicago for the event. Many people had traveled from other states just to attend the event. So, attendee Jonathan Norton, as well as about "20 or 30" other attendees have joined in a class action lawsuit against Niantic. Hopefully Niantic takes this into account in order to improve the quality of its servers for future events taking place a little better. Several other events that were planned for Japan (August 14th), and France, Spain, and Germany (September 16th) are moving forward as scheduled. Polygon asked Niantic to reply, but they refused to comment on current legal issues.

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