Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus season pass and pre-order DLC detailed

The Freedom Chronicles will include three unique characters with different scenarios to play through.

The first of the major content drops will be "The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe", which puts players in the shoes of a former quarterback in Chicago, whose mission will take him into space.

The Amazing Deeds of Captain Wilkins completes the set with the Alaskan escapades of US Army hero Gerald Wilkins, who goes north to shut down "Operation Black Sun".

Called The Freedom Chronicles, players will have access to three separate missions with three brand new characters. We'll have more info soon, including release dates and additional gameplay details. Blast Nazis to bits with high-tech weaponry such as the Laserkraftwerk, the Dieselkraftwerk, or get up close and personal with advanced pistols, submachine guns, and hatchets.

Presumably, there is no save file transfer feature because The New Order was a cross gen game- so for many, being able to carry their saves and choices over would simply not be an option. The game comes in an metal case, and a 9x14in Blitzmensch poster.

Unfortunately, Bethesda and MachineGames have yet to show the DLC in action and as is always the case, it's advised not to pre-order to pre-purchase before you have the full information.

If The New Order was about fighting back against the worst outcome of the second world war, The New Colossus is about wrestling control back of your homeland. You can also grab the DLC along with the base game as part of the deluxe edition, available for Xbox, PS4, or PC.

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