Google Improves the Feed Experience of the Google App

Google Improves the Feed Experience of the Google App

For example, if you book a flight to Hong Kong through Google Flights, the updated feed may start showing you interesting things to do in the area.

Finally, Google will choose stories based on the topics for which you've been searching.

Still, Google's new search feed won't behave exactly like social networks, according to company executives. The stories don't have to be recent, either.

As of today, Google Play has an officially overhauled Editors' Choice section, featuring a more curated experience. This is a boon to both content creators, who stand to gain new readers, and the content consumers who are able to more easily find quality content. Google's new feed will even appear on the desktop soon, at least to a certain extent.

Currently, the feed is only on mobile devices, but soon it will appear on Google's main webpage, which has always been iconic for its minimalism - usually displaying just a logo, a Google Doodle and the search function.

The Google feed (lowercase?) instead looks at what's popular around your town and the world, tying you closer to your community. After all, no one is really comfortable with the idea of one of the world's largest companies collecting so much information about their habits, interests, and general lives.

Google has announced it is improving its "feed experience" introduced in December by tailoring it to your likes and interests. Do they go far enough, or is there anything more you'd like Google to do to better protect your data? To dive deeper into a topic the header at the top of a card will let you search that topic on Google with one tap. If you're reading news about Vladimir Putin, you can click on his name to perform a search.

Though the similarities are clear, Google employees were "adamant that this news feed is nothing like Facebook's News Feed", Wired reported.

The content shown in the feed is based on the user's search results.

Yet some new bells and whistles - information from local trends and an ability to "follow" public figures, for instance - give Google's search feed a similar feel to the algorithmic stream of the news feed of fellow FANG stock Facebook (FB). For example, if it detects that you just booked a trip to London, it might fill your feed with recommendations on things to do on your vacation. So that the feed is very relevant, users will see a "follow" button every time they search for something on the Google app so that they can be informed on any related content or updates, in the feed. An global rollout is expected in a couple of week.

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