Delta fires back at Ann Coulter after she rages about seat reassignment

Delta fires back at Ann Coulter after she rages about seat reassignment

Ann Coulter probably won't be flying on Delta Airlines any time soon.

Coulter called the woman who was given her seat "dachshund-legged" and said that Delta employees are comparable to prison guards, animal handlers and Stasi policemen.

Delta said Coulter originally booked seat 15F in the exit row, but then changed to seat 15D - an aisle seat - within 24 hours of departure. According to the airline, all passengers were asked to move to the seats noted on their tickets, and customers complied without incident.

Delta, for its part, took to Twitter, too, and chided Coulter.

Coulter spent much of Sunday afternoon tweeting and retweeting disparaging remarks against Delta.

Coulter had, she wrote, been "kicked out of a CAREFULLY PRE-BOOKED seat to a less desirable seat" before takeoff.

@AnnCoulter We're sorry you did not receive the preferred seat you paid for and will refund your $30. She also railed against the airline staff, calling gate agents and flight attendants "Nurse Ratchets".

According to Coulter's tweet storm, Delta gave away an extended legroom economy class seat, for which she paid $30, to another passenger. It was only after the plane landed that she took to Twitter to criticize the airline.

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter seems to have done something no one thought possible: she has encouraged people to defend an airline that was only making headlines for its unsatisfactory customer service and inappropriate behavior.

She tweeted her despair out to her 1.6 million followers, which was something that didn't sit well with the folks at Delta.

Delta through a prepared statement released on Sunday said that it was disappointed that a passenger chose to attack its employees as well as other customers publicly by posting slanderous and derogatory comments as well as photos across social media.

This situation, by the way, was not the other passenger's fault, and any sympathy that one might have had for Coulter evaporated when she kept volleying insults about this perceived injustice.

The statement by Delta went on to say that Coulter's behavior had been unacceptable and unnecessary.

Delta added that while its social media and customer care teams made several attempts to connect with Coulter to apologize for the seat mix-up, they did not hear back from Coulter until Sunday evening.

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