2 charged in slayings of 4 Pennsylvania men

2 charged in slayings of 4 Pennsylvania men

The search for four missing men in Bucks County in Pennsylvania is over and two men have been charged with murder. Suspects Cosmo DiNardo and Sean Michael Kratz, both 20, will face District Judge Maggie Snow at Bucks County Courthouse in Doylestown.

The district attorney explained Friday that he offered to take the death penalty off the table in hopes of securing DiNardo's cooperation in locating the body of the fourth missing man, Jimi Taro Patrick, 19, of Newtown Township, whose remains were located in a single grave "up on top of a mountain".

Patrick was shot to death by DiNardo on July 5 as the two were alone on the farm, prosecutors charge.

The three then drove to Dinardo's family's property where Finocciaro was led into a barn and, according to court documents, Dinardo told police that Kratz shot Finocciaro in the head with a gun that Dinardo had given him.

Less than 24 hours after Cosmo DiNardo confessed to the murders of the men, authorities said they took a second "person of interest" into custody. "And I'm not sure we'll ever know". DiNardo then continued to shoot at his body after he had died, The Daily Mail said.

Authorities had charged DiNardo earlier this year with having a gun despite an involuntary mental health commitment.

A pot dealer gave police a grisly account of killing four men on his family's Pennsylvania farm, saying he crushed one of them with a backhoe after shooting him and tried to set three of the bodies on fire in the same metal bin, according to court documents filed Friday.

Paul Lang, one of DiNardo's defense attorneys, told reporters Thursday the motive for the murders would emerge in time. Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub said he could not identify the other remains at this time, while issuing a fresh appeal for more help from the public.

On July 5, Dinardo agreed to sell Patrick four pounds of marijuana for $8,000, and Dinardo drove and picked Patrick up and brought him back to the sprawling property, according to the affidavit.

The person with firsthand knowledge of DiNardo's confession said the men were killed after DiNardo felt cheated or threatened during three drug transactions. Finocchiaro had come to buy drugs; Kratz and Dinardo had planned to rob him. There was no immediate comment from prosecutors, but they retweeted news reports of DiNardo's confession. "I feel relief. I feel so proud of my team and I feel resolved", said Weintraub during a press conference on Friday. They shot and killed Finocchiaro and then placed him in a metal tank that Dinardo referred to as the pig roaster, Dinardo said, according to the criminal complaint.

After killing Finocchiaro, Sturgis and Meo, DiNardo and Kratz put their bodies into a large container - what DiNardo called a "pig roaster" - and burned them using gasoline, according to the affidavit.

On July 7, Dinardo agreed to sell a quarter-pound of marijuana to Finocchiaro, the affidavit states. Finocchiaro was last seen on the evening of July 7, as was Thomas Meo, 21, and Mark Sturgis, 22.

Dinardo has been in custody since Wednesday afternoon after he was accused of stealing and attempting to sell Meo's auto.

Dinardo and Kratz were apparently on the illicit trade of marijuana and firearms. Kratz spoke to investigators on Thursday night.

Later the same day, DiNardo picked up Meo and Sturgis.

At this point, court documents say, Meo was screaming in pain and Dinardo climbed into a backhoe and ran over the injured Meo, killing him.

Dinardo and Kratz returned to the property the next afternoon and used the backhoe to dig a hole and bury Finocchiaro, Meo and Sturgis, the complaint says.

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