Sinkhole forces Florida neighborhood to evacuate, destroys 2 homes

Sinkhole forces Florida neighborhood to evacuate, destroys 2 homes

Dramatic video showed the home in Land O' Lakes, north of Tampa in Pasco County, collapsing into the hole Friday morning. All of the asphalt has fallen into the sinkhole, officials said.

Ten homes were evacuated because of the "active sinkhole" in Land O'Lakes, Florida, which officials said was "by no means stable".

WFLA-TV said the sinkhole started out about the size of a small swimming pool, but increased in size.

Firefighters rescued two dogs from inside.

Aside from the two homes it's destroyed, crews have evacuated 11 homes nearby.

Guthrie said a 50-foot-deep sinkhole occurred at the site of one of the swallowed homes five years ago. By 9:30 a.m. the home had fallen into the sinkhole.

Authorities said a sinkhole opened on the same property five years ago. WFLA News Channel 8 did some digging and found that the home was also sold in 2015 as a "repaired" home.

"We can't give a clear answer because this is Mother Nature", he said.

At this time, about 100 homes are without power.

Geologists at the University of Florida have defined a sinkhole as typically being a natural depression or hole in the Earth's surface caused when rock, often limestone in Florida, is dissolved over time.

The Red Cross will be assisting evacuated residents who need a place to stay.

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