In France, Trump Responds To Son's Decision To Meet With Russian Lawyer

In France, Trump Responds To Son's Decision To Meet With Russian Lawyer

"I don't think this is the right time, but the answer is yes, I would".

President Donald Trump is adding to his growing roster of lawyers handling investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 election, NBC News confirmed Friday.

Veselnitskaya, who was described as a "Russian government attorney" in the email chain, revealed earlier this week that a man had accompanied her to the meeting. She also denied ties to the Russian government.

"He is a US citizen", Futerfas told NBC News of the lobbyist.

Asked on Friday about Mr Akhmetshin, Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov, told reporters: "We don't know anything about this person".

"Do these most recent developments, which suggest that key Trump advisers, including his son Donald Trump Jr. and son-in-law Jared Kushner met with a Russian lawyer (who had previously lobbied in Washington against the 2012 Magnitsky sanctions act), change the potential for impeachment?"

NBC said Veselnitskaya denied having any connection to the Kremlin and insisted the meeting was to discuss United States sanctions against Russian Federation, not the presidential campaign.

Trump Jr. - in his interview with Hannity - said that he is willing to testify under oath about the meeting.

Trump Jr. earlier this week said publicly he had met Veselnitskaya in June 2016, despite earlier claims that he - and other members of the Trump campaign team - had not met with any Russians during Trump's election campaign. Many have said they would have called the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

So the White House released some of it, including his own account of the meeting he had had with Russian President Putin during his trip to Europe the previous week.

MSNBC's "Morning Joe" responded to Donald Trump's tweets in real time Wednesday morning, telling him that "the source is your son" immediately after the president accused the media of making up sources.

But, he said, once Manafort comes before the committee he is subject to any line of questioning, including that of his involvement in the June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower, which he attended.

Trump Jr. has found himself engulfed in controversy after releasing emails shared between him and publicist Rob Goldman, who brokered the meeting.

Mr. Trump's former campaign manager denies any collusion.

The emails showed that Trump Jr. accepted the meeting after he was offered "high level and sensitive information" that would "incriminate" Clinton as part of "Russia and its government's support" for his father's campaign.

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