Weather forecast concerns firefighters battling massive Canadian blaze

Weather forecast concerns firefighters battling massive Canadian blaze

According to the city, the alert was issued in response to weather forecasts that show conditions could have the potential to push fires to the West of Williams Lake towards the city at a rapid pace. He and his brother were on the ranch when a fire traveled from the forest nearby, eventually igniting some of their property and destroying two of their barns.

British Columbia is bracing for an even hotter wildfire season as more than 14,000 people have been forced to flee their homes because of over 200 wildfires burning in the interior of the province. If that contributes to a fire, Skrepnek said, offenders could be liable for the costs of fighting the fire.

Since April 1, 602 wildfires have scorched an estimated 78,000 hectares of land in B.C. Risk Management Magazine reported in September that the fire became the largest and most expensive natural disaster in Canada's history, surpassing floods in Alberta in 2013.

Image: Official site of Public Safety Canada (Government of Canada).

Fire spokeswoman Mary Ann Aldrich said additional homes were destroyed overnight.

"We're not going to let the symbol of Americans' freedom perish in the fire", Fowler said.

But officials believe there's a long way to go before the fires are brought under control.

Wildfires barreled across the baking landscape of the western US and Canada, destroying a smattering of homes, forcing thousands to flee and temporarily trapping children and counselors at a California campground.

"The Coastal fire centre is not seeing the same level of activity as we are in the Cariboo fire centre", said Skrepnek, "but we are making sure we have the equipment". What do I do for clothing?

"We have been registering people that are on alert or under an evacuation order", said ESS director Dave Dickson.

Wildfires have swept across wide areas of the western United States and Canada, destroying homes, forcing thousands to flee and temporarily trapping children and staff at a California camp ground.

Enbridge did not specify which pipeline system the station was on, saying only that it was in the affected area, a region ranging from 150 km (95 miles) to 350 km northeast of Vancouver where more than 200 fires were burning.

Edelson said it's the most popular photograph he's ever taken in his 10 years of shooting.

Compared to Monday, the fire containment has increased from only 20 percent thanks to the favorable winds.

On Sunday, Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in Butte County, where the blaze known as Wall Fire started Friday.

The fire has burned almost four square miles, injured four firefighters and destroyed at least 10 structures so far, fire spokeswoman Mary Ann Aldrich told The Oregonian.

The blaze, which has spread to almost 29,000 acres (11,736 hectares), is 45 percent contained, up from 20 percent on Monday evening. And the Jennings Fire in Lakeside, outside San Diego, forced evacuations Tuesday afternoon after it grew from 100 to 400 acres in a matter of hours.

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