US Reviewing Allegations Airstrike on IS-run Jail Killed Dozens of Prisoners

US Reviewing Allegations Airstrike on IS-run Jail Killed Dozens of Prisoners

The coalition has been hitting ISIS in Syria and Iraq since mid-2014 but has also been involved in recent confrontations with President Bashar al-Assad's forces, raising fears of the United States being drawn into Syria's civil war.

At least 42 prisoners have been killed after an air strike targeted an Islamic State-run jail in Syria, activists said.

A coalition spokesman said it was looking into the casualty reports.

Islamic State is believed to have moved most of its leaders to al-Mayadeen in Syria's Euphrates Valley, southeast of the group's besieged capital Raqqa, two US intelligence officials have said.

The death toll could increase as there are people still missing under the rubble, SOHR said, adding that the prison had about 100 detainees, including civilians and IS militants.

Syrian regime-run TV station al-Ikhbariya cited its correspondent in Deir Ezzor as saying coalition warplanes had destroyed a building in Al Mayadin used as a prison by Daesh.

"The removal of these facilities disrupts ISIS's ability to facilitate and provoke terrorist attacks against the coalition, our partner forces and in our homelands", Colonel Joe Scrocca, coalition director of public affairs, said in an email to Reuters news agency.

It said the Mayadeen mission was "meticulously planned and executed to reduce the non-combatants".

At least 15 ISIL fighters were also killed in the raid, the UK-based monitor, which tracks developments in Syria's long-running conflict via a network of contacts on the ground, said.

Colonel Ryan Dillon, spokesman for the USA -led coalition, said: "With every single allegation we will take it and look into it".

It was not clear how they identified the aircraft responsible.

The US-led coalition said last week that it had killed ISIS's top cleric Turki Binali in a 31 May strike on Mayadeen.

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